Making it official…


I finally feel as though I’m starting to catch up with the massive amounts of work I’ve had since I got to Hong Kong. I’m feeling comfortable with my students, the school, and my job in general. I’m going fairly regularly to the gym and managing to balance my work and social life. Finally, finally, things are coming together, and Hong Kong is starting to feel like home.

So it would seem that I am settling into a routine here, which would explain the less-than-regular posting schedule that I am adopting. I wish I had more interesting tidbits, but as time goes on and things here become less foreign to me and more “normal”, I feel less and less inspired to post. However, never fear! More adventures are to come. In less than a week I depart for the Philippines for an extended weekend getaway. And yes, I made my October break plans official (yes, we get a week off in late October- I love my job) just last night. A friend of mine and I are going to Thailand for the week! I am very much looking forward to that trip, as I have heard nothing but good things about Thailand.

In addition to all of this excitement, I am impatiently awaiting my first visitor in Hong Kong (due to arrive in less than 4 hours!)- a travel attendant friend of mine from Canada is flying over here to come hang with me in Hong Kong for a few days (all for the “whopping” price of $35 Canadian as he basically gets free tickets since he works for the airlines- maybe I need a change of career?)!!

So exciting times are up ahead, along with more frequent posting (hopefully).

Watch this space.


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