9 reasons why low-cost airlines may not be worth it


Let’s be honest.  Travel can be horrifically expensive, particularly airfare.  The proliferation of low-cost air carriers, then, has been a godsend for most travellers.  The ones I’ve used in Europe have been bountiful in terms of cheap travel deals, especially since I live in London, a major travel hub. This year alone I’ve bagged return flights (from London) to Madrid for $90 USD on Ryan Air,  Malta and Norway for $150 USD on Air Malta and Norwegian Air respectively, and the South of France for $160 USD. Years ago, I once paid $24 USD for a return flight from Dublin to Edinburgh. Amazing value.  But are cheap fares worth it? I used to think so but now I’m not so sure. Here are 9 reasons why I think low-cost airlines may not be worth it:

1. Checked baggage can be an expensive nightmare

Low-cost airlines are great- if you don’t have to check a bag.  While many “normal airlines” have been charging checked baggage fees for a couple of years now (I’m looking at you, American Airlines!), I’ve found that their rates aren’t as exorbitantly expensive as the likes of RyanAir/ low cost airlines, especially if you want to add checked baggage to your reservation a bit later down the line or during high season.  Case in point: that $90 USD return flight I did from London to Madrid in July? I initially rejected the checked baggage option- it was going to cost me an extra $46 to check my teensy suitcase.  A few weeks later, I had second thoughts and thus decided to pay the fee.  To my shock, however, when I went on the Ryan Air website to make a change to my reservation, I saw that because my flight was during high season, checking a bag both ways was now going to run me $78 USD! The date of my booking had never changed- it is beyond me why the system all of a sudden decided to flag my high season flight and charge even more for checked baggage. Needless to say, I stuck to a carry-on.


2.  They are ridiculously stringent when it comes to carry-on limits

So… You’ve decided to skip the drama and not check a bag after all.  But not so fast.  Did you know that budget airlines like Ryan Air or Easy Jet often allow you only ONE bag to carry-on?  Like EVERYTHING has to fit in your ONE bag (purse, camera, food purchased in the airport, etc)??  They often do this as you board the plane. This has been a royal pain in the patootie for me, especially when it’s apparent to both you and the flight attendant that all of your bags can fit into your allotted cabin baggage.  On a recent trip I didn’t bother to bring my DSLR camera because I knew that there was no way the cam and the protective case would be able to fit into my carry-on. Le sigh!

3. Cheap flights are often late or delayed

In my experience, this has been sadly true, and EasyJet is the worst.  They are always always late, often leaving a full hour after schedule. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Cheap airlines have a tendency to be late/delayed.  Why?  I’m not sure, but I have a creeping suspicion that the “big dogs” (Cathay, KLM, Emirates) get priority over the runway and departure times.  I reckon that in the grand scheme of things your cheapie flight is unimportant; if there are weather issues, for example, that prevent an on-time departure and hold up the queue of flights leaving, you can bet that your cheapie flight will be one of the last to leave.


4.They depart at weird/limited times

See above! The “big dogs” seem to get runway priority (I’m guessing they can afford it?)- and therefore the best departure times.


5. You have to pay for food on board… And it is often expensive

If you’re one of that rare breed who likes airplane food, don’t expect to get anything on a budget airline flight without coughing up some cash.  Food is not included with a ticket reservation.  Buying food on the plane is expensive- as is buying it in the airport.  Might be a good idea to bring something with you from home!


6.Space is an issue: Legroom is an issue and the seats don’t recline 

Last Sunday I flew from Amman, Jordan to London on EasyJet.  The flight is 4.5 hours, and left at 10pm (it was scheduled to leave at 8:45pm, but EasyJet flights are always late, remember?). Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is that I wasn’t feeling well and the thing I most wanted to do was stretch out, put my seat back and relax.  But many budget airlines don’t allow you to recline your seats- I guess space is at a premium?  Yikes!

wadi rum desert tour


7. No seat assignments… You have to line up early to get a good seat

A lot of the European budget airlines do not assign seats, which means that after check-in there’s usually a mad dash to line up at the gate in order to be the first to board the plane (and get a good seat).  I often travel with my partner, who needs to sit in the emergency exit row since he has ridiculously long legs; those seats have more leg-room, naturally.  Emergency exit row seats are highly coveted which means that there’s a dead sprint to the gate as soon as it’s announced.  This also means you’re queuing up to board the plane looooong before it’s time.


8. The planes depart and arrive in random, out of the way airports (and it may cost you a lot to get there).

Think you’re landing in London’s Heathrow, Paris’ Charles de Gaulle, or Stockholm’s Arlanda airports?  You better check again. Budget European airlines have had me travel well over an hour outside the city to take my  flights.  Just this past weekend I had to take the tube, the train, and a bus to get to London Luton airport which is technically located… in the town of Luton. Have you heard of Paris Beauvais airport? It’s served by a few budget airlines- and it’s 85 km from Paris (3 times further than Charles de Gaulle, if you were wondering).  Two years ago I went to Stockholm’s Vasteras airport, which is an hour and a half bus ride from Stockholm’s city centre.  Sometimes getting to these out of the way airports is just not worth it because it’s expensive to get there:  the train ride to London’s Stanstead airport costs $31 USD- ONE WAY. So the $90 USD fare I got to Madrid actually cost me $150, once I factored in the cost of getting to and from Stansted airport.


9. You have to book really early to take advantage of deals

This is self-explanatory.  All the deals I listed above? I booked them months in advance. Fares usually get more expensive as time goes on.  The early bird catches the worm!

Low-cost airlines are a great way to see the world on a budget, but these annoyances may add up to an experience that’s just not worth the little money you pay. I’m getting to the point where I’d rather just spend the extra $100 to get a British Airways flight.


How about you?  Have you taken any low-cost airlines?  Are they worth the trouble?

*Budget airlines picture: source ryanair low cost airlines



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  • Great post! In my youth, I was all about the budget airlines…mainly because I was poor (and I’m thrifty by nature). But now I’m willing to pay more money to fly a proper airline. I found that once you add up all the fees (like the fee Ryan Air charges to pay for tickets with anything other than their card) and the cost to get out to and in from the out of the way airports, the proper airlines end up being about the same price (and in a couple instances cheaper).

    I’ll still use budget airlines that fly into main airports and include most of their fees in the booking prices…but those are far and few between.

    • Agreed! as a college student, budget airlines are my best friends. I also travel very light. Usually one 60 L internal frame backpack and a small carry on luggage is all I need for a 3 or 4 months backpacking trip, so I never have issues with luggage weight, restrictions and what not.

      • I also make it a point to pack extremely light- call me crazy but I try to pack under 10 kilos for whatever trip I’m going on. So much less stressful!

  • You’ve nailed it! As per our discussion last night, sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it isn’t. I flew Wizz Air (HA!) in 2010 from Luton to Dubrovnik. I think it was about $70 return, but I had to get from Guildford to Luton and my flight left at 7am! The journey itself would take a minimum of two hours, and with transport not fully running at 4am, I spent the night in Luton (at easyJet’s hotel!). The hotel was £30 for a room with a window. I splurged the extra £5 so I wouldn’t spend the night in a windowless box. Nonetheless, after I factored in my transport costs to and from Luton, as well the overnight, it was still a cheaper option than flying easyJet out of Gatwick. I didn’t really mind, as I was on a student budget, but now, comfort and convenience sometimes trumps the desire to be frugal.

    • Yup! If it s just a marginal cost difference but a big difference in your comfort level, comfort wins! I need a little bit of luxury in my advancing age… 😉

  • The ‘big dogs’ do not necessarily get priority simply because they are a full service carrier vs a low cost airline like EZY.

    From an air traffic management perspective they don’t really care what airline is painted on to the aircraft. The only way it could be perhaps perceived that, Emirates would get priority over an Ryanair flight (that is if the two airlines ever happened to use the same airport, which is quite remote anyway!) is if there are a sequence of baby Airbusses about to take off from Heathrow in the same direction (south of France), but then there is an American Airlines Boeing 777 going westbound over the Atlantic instead.

    In that case, air traffic control will bump AA up the queue for take off.

    Reason why? Then it means less time spent on the ground for everyone queuing. A Boeing 777 can withstand the tiny bit of wake turbulence an A320 that departed before it gives off. If another A320 took off too close after another A320 the wake turbulence would be enough to send it spiralling into the ground.

    Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for the clarification! In my experience, the budget airlines always seemed to get shirked 🙂

  • Oh, and the *only* time in the UK when who is in the plane might truly make a difference is if your flight has a member of the Royal Family flying as a passenger.

    In that case, the member of the Royal family’s flight will get priority take off, and priority landing (thereby avoiding the need to circle above London for congestion, as it common for Heathrow and Gatwick arrivals).

    Passengers flying on the same flight as the Royal family will also be able to enjoy the perks of this royal priviledge by virtue of the fact that they are sharing the same pressured metal tube with wings as the royal.

  • so very frustrating, and I can empathize with all points. all the hidden costs caused by weight limits, seat selection fees, and having to pay for wifi in the airport to let your friend picking you up know that you’ll be arriving 2 hours later that expected… all of those just make me wonder where the savings really are.

    i used to always book the cheapest flight, no matter what, but i now book tickets according to which carrier it is. an extra hundred dollars is nothing compared to the nightmares of low fare airlines.

    this was a great topic for a blog post! good job 🙂

    • Thanks! For short haul flights I think I’m still willing to grin and bear it, but for long haul the budget flights are just not worth the savings!

  • I hear you! Ryanair was the bane of my life when I lived in Europe. but a the same time, they allowed me to visit lots of places I wouldn’t have been ale to afford otherwise. I think the trick is to only ever bring carry-on luggage and treat the whole experience a little like getting on a bus.

    • Agree with you! I m thankful that the cheap fares allow me to get to places I probably wouldnt have seen otherwise, but I just wish the who system was more efficient, bah!

  • At first I thought you were going to deliver an expose on how budget airlines have less stringent crew experience standards and how the pilots often fly multiple legs on no sleep, but those only become a headache once in a great while. I caught a couple flights operated by some curiously named outfits (Wizz Air! for me too, Lindsay) and was pretty worried about the 10kg limit on carry-on. I had packed and repacked and weighed my backpack before heading out to the airport but that little needle was hovering on the line and if anyone had weighed it I’d have been sunk.

    I try not to check bags wherever I go but it can be tough. My solution has been, regardless of what airline, to wear as much clothing onto the place as possible and stuff my pockets with small items that would otherwise be taking up space in my backpack. No one is going to think I’m a suave and sexy cosmopolitan guy and security might follow me around before I board but I never have to worry that my crap won’t fit in the measurement box at the gate.

    Budget flights out of London never seemed worth it. Add up the train and Tube and bus fare to get back and forth to the satellite airports and it was always about the same as riding Eurostar.

    • If you re going to Paris/Northern France, Luxembourg, Belgium, or Amsterdam, then yes, I definitely agree that it s not worth the hassle! The problem comes with going further afield (like to Germany, which I do quite often)- no choice but to fly *wah!*

  • I haven’t taken any budget airlines in Europe, but the drill is somewhat similar in the U.S. (with the exception of Southwest I hear. I’ve never taken them). I have to say that your post really speaks to how horrible the state of air travel is these days. While we can now go to so many places more cheaply than we ever could before, I wonder if we as travelers have put ourselves in a bad place by wanting cheap fares. Is this a case of you get what you pay for?

    • I often wonder if the decreasing quality of service and amenities also amounts to a decreasing amount of safety as well. If I think too hard about it, I’ll be afraid to fly, so I try not to!

  • Good post. Since i live on a student stipend, I travel more within US than international and I tend to use Delta Airlines as my go to (I buy way in advance, so it’s cheapish) airline and I also take buses when I can.

    However, I can relate to this post (in terms of buses not planes) I recently went to New Jersey from Falmouth, Massachusetts twice in a month and I took 2 different bus services. One was more expensive but had wifi, leg room and arrived quite on time. The other had the bus stop well out of way and took me an additional 2 hours to find my way to the bus stop, no wifi (on a 6 hr long trip!) and also arrive on time. Needless to say, I felt, next time, i could easily pay the extra 20bucks for the better bus service.

    I will definitely keep this post in mind on international flights, might be worth it to simply pay the extra bucks for convenience sake.

    • Glad you liked the post! Was the budget bus line you re talking about MegaBus? I ve never taken then but heard they are dirt cheap and am considering it!

      • Yeah, it was Megabus. Funny enough, they advertise wifi but the bus I was on definitely had no wifi for the 6 hr travel (could be the bus alone had issues). It was a lot cheaper though. I guess we can’t have it all. 🙂

  • You definitely have to factor EVERYTHING into it when you are searching for tickets. Earlier this year we flew on Spirit from Honduras to Colombia. It was $200 cheaper than any other airline. Of course, $140 of that was eaten up by having to pay to check our baggage PER SEGMENT. The checked baggage fee ended up being almost 50% of our airfare. Insane! And Spirit doesn’t even give you water on the plane. You have to purchase it. All in all it was still cheaper, but it was close to not being worth the savings.

    • Never flown Spirit but have only heard the worst! That is just WILD that they would charge so much for the luggage, and unfair! I mean, no free water on the plane? I think even Ryan Air gives that!

  • Such a great post – and so true. When I still lived in Switzerland I took EasyJet pretty often to fly to Berlin to visit friends – always late, always problems with the luggage etc. Everytime I told myself that it was the last time. And I always did it again 🙂
    Anyway at least I refused to fly with budget airlines for business – definitely not going thtough that hassle for the company 🙂 xx

    • LOL I am the same way! I complain, but at the end of the say, they are too cheap to say no!

  • Fab post!

    After we booked our latest trip, it turns out that Easyjet appear to have started including a baggage allowance and credit card fees in their costs, but I expect those costs will go up somewhat. I’m not sure if that is universal yet but it did look to be that way when I took a look at their website.

    We haven’t had a bad experience yet but honestly have only travelled on low cost airlines three times. I expect we’ll have a nightmare experience one day. When I’m searching for destinations, I specify my departing and arriving times quite stringently so I know that, for now, I’m missing out on cheaper or more exotic destinations but many of my trips this year have had to comply with pretty strict times and dates so I had no room for 3am departures.

    I’ve actually had more nightmare experiences involving Lufthansa, snowstorms and missed / cancelled flights but that is a whole other story!!

    • Thanks, Emm! I feel like I would prefer for them to just raise their prices and include them. I hate these ‘hidden’ fees! Funnily enough, I’ve always thought of Lufthansa as a really good airline, but I haven’t flown it enough I guess!

  • You forgot to mention my personal favourite Ryanair airport: Vienna Bratislava, which is actually in a different country!

    I’ve been using budget airlines pretty much since they began but they have definitely gone downhill the past few years. Ryanair have always treated their passengers like dirt but at least they used to be genuinely dirt cheap, which they aren’t any more, and EasyJet used to be good but have started to introduce all these ridiculous extra charges, like 40 euros to check in a suitcase.

    My solution: take the train whenever you can and travel in style!

    • Omg! I forgot about that one! Just brutal :). These airlines keep getting more expensive- it s more appealing to use regular airlines all the time!

  • Thanks for this informative and honest post! You really summarised and put the facts together in a way that makes so much sense, more so because you have actually experienced most if not all those downsides.
    I abhor budget airlines having flown from Luton ( hehe) airport to Shannon in Ireland a few years ago. Though my fare was just £25 (including tax!) the journey was all you described- scrambling for good seats, cramped seating, filthy loo! As well as having to avoid checking in my small bag to avoid paying extra. I forgot to bring food and ended up paying way too much for a lacklustre sandwhich and an oversweet drink on the plane. The air steward staff were also MIA and ignored most passengers ringing requests; I guess they felt since we paid so little we did not deserve any modicum of good customer service! I also took an all-inclusive holiday to Dominican Republic via First Choice a couple of years ago and many of the same problems arose. So yes, I will not be flying those types of airlines again- I’ll stick to the biggies as I appreciate my comfort and peace of mind. lol

    • I’m lucky in that in most cases, the customer service I’ve received on these low cost airlines has been decent. Thanks goodness!

  • *Double post alert *;)

    Hey Oneika can you do a post on train travel, with emphasis on Eurostar?

    sprite x

    • You read my mind! I’m embarking on a rail trip in 10 days and using the Eurostar for a fair chunk! Posts forthcoming 🙂

  • When I flew from Singapore to Malaysia I used Jetstar and really, these low cost airlines are making it difficult for passengers to like their service. My ticket is only to get my butt to my destination. No checked in baggage allowed (pay extra if you have one), the hand carry is limited to one piece so i have to put even my camera and lop top on my clothes bag as well. And there’s not even peanuts offered on board and you have to pay for a bottle of mineral water or soda if you want a drink which was ridiculously priced.

  • If the fare difference is $100 or less, then I’ll take the more expensive option. I don’t need that room to stretch my legs so it’s not much of an issue for me given that most budget flights are under the 3 hour mark. I’ve never experienced a delay, though – Ryanair are known for always (well mostly) being on time. Then again I guess I’ve just gotten lucky!

    If you’re looking for a budget airline that do things right, then take a look at AirAsia. They’re fantastic, and although the legroom isn’t great and food non-existent, they keep things classy and make it feel like you’re flying with one of the more expensive airlines. LOVE them!

    • I’ve taken AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur and Bali and agree that they aren’t that bad. I flew Air Macau twice and it was terrible, though- I swore I never would again (incidentally the company no longer exists- they folded)! Another budget carrier in the Asian Pacific region is Jetstar. They are pretty decent. Have you flown them?

  • I have found that one of the keys to pleasant budget flying is loyalty. I have an Alaska Airlines credit card and book all travel through them. My recent flight from Santa Rosa to Seattle was delayed for over 8 hours and I missed my connection to Newark. Alaska paid for a free meal at the SR airport, a pass on the airporter so I could catch a different flight from SFO to Newark (on a different airline that they have a sister airline relationship with), and the flight from SFO to Newark was a first class flight. My original flight was NOT a first class flight do that ended up being an upgrade for me.
    One of the measures of a good airline is not that they never have a problem or a crisis but how they deal with the crisis to help their customer and Alaska airlines did that very well.

    • I think that some of the smaller American-based budget airlines are good with loyalty programs, but for the European ones there is no such thing unfortunately! I agree that an airline shows its true colours when it deals with a crisis.

  • I haven’t taken any low cost airline flights because I am still stuck on using the major companies, but as I travel more, I will try them out.

  • Great post! I lived in Europe for 2.5 years and flew all the budget airlines throughout that time, and never had any problems, shockingly. I’ve found that if you read the fine print and follow their policies exactly (Visa checks, luggage regulations, etc), you’re usually ok. I definitely prefer EasyJet and Vueling to RyanAir-they just seem a little more pleasant and comfy to me-but I have no qualms with sucking it up and using RyanAir if the price is right or there’s no other flights. People do need to know what they’re getting into before they do it though, otherwise you can end up paying a lot more in the end.

  • I recently flew on Spirit Airlines after taking a 2 year break but the low fare got me again, I was traveling for Thanksgiving. I was mad at myself after I submitted my payment. Not only do they charge for checked luggae now they are charging for carry-ons as well (Crazy!) They also charge for fuel…who does that? They didn’t provide us with anything to drink or eat and everything was $3 minimum. Never again!

  • Some great points!

    I only take budget airlines when flying short distances knowing that I won’t need to check anything in and I won’t be in the air for long. I never buy the plane snacks because they are over priced…and I can handle an empty belly for an hour two. In general, I always try to buy ALL my plane tickets in my advance….it is just painful knowing that only a day earlier I could have paid 50 euros less or something.

    And it is true that reliability in terms of flight delays can be frustrating. And the flight schedules can be rather odd and inconvenient too. Certain airlines do have assigned seats (I was shocked the first time I took RyanAir and many of us who arrived last had to hunt around for seats!).

    I think having all these companies available is great and Europeans have a great thing going for them there.
    I look forward to when African countries can get their airlines together so that we can see more travelling within the continent 🙂

  • Good post, and all of it true. I would like to give my two cents about the other side of it though; Reasons why it’s horrible to work for those airlines. As ground staff I can say that passengers traveling those low-costs are a lot of the time below level as well. There’s two types of customers on those flights: young people who don’t have a lot of money to spend, who are generally behaving okay, and people who think they are better than anyone and yell about everything. It’s horrendous to have to host for such companies cause while you are just doing your job, people treat you like you are the dirt beneath their feet. Most people who travel low-cost know all those things you listed but still think to try to ignore all the rules and blame the ground staff for the bad service. I never understood why they still fly low-cost if they have a need to screech about their rights every five seconds and think everything is unacceptable. The airline will save money were they can and not have the comfort of the passenger in mind, that’s the foundations on which low-costs are build and it’s not making air travel better, I think.

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